15 July 2009

Up too late

So it's half past one in the morning and I should really be in bed. Not that I have anywhere to be tomorrow, but I like my sleep. Anyway, I was going to go to bed much earlier, but I had to look up movie showtimes for this weekend and then the ThinkGeek newsletter came and I've just spent at least half an hour refreshing that damn fortune page.

I've borrowed a copy of Twilight from a friend. I don't really want to read it, per se, but I dream of someday becoming a published and extremely rich and popular YA author myself. I doubt I'll get where Stephanie Meyer is, but I might as well at least do some research on what sells. So far, from what I've seen from working in a bookstore, what sells is sophomoric crap, and this is distressing to me. But hopefully I can figure something out.

In other news, Steve Buscemi thinks my little brother is a pretty good dancer (seriously, no joke) and I've just applied for a job at my favorite video game company, assuming I don't end up as a nanny, which wouldn't be so bad. And I slipped into character leaving a ThinkGeek comment of my own and spent a paragraph or two ranting on about how difficult life is as a fish god, which I'm definitely not. I am a lady. I've spent the past few days intermittently reading Jacqueline Carey and knitting the first of three Hogwarts house scarves for three of my numerous cousins. Honestly, it's like rabbits. Whenever I look I have more cousins.

My life just keeps getting weirder. I suspect I'm going mad. At least if I go mad I'll have a really good excuse for babbling like this. Of course, some people would say I'm already mad, because I'm a writer and thus mad by definition. Other people would say that that's not the definition of writer at all, and that the people who define it as such are mad. Still other people wonder why everyone else is fussing about definitions and go back to reading their P.G. Wodehouse Edwardian school stories. I am also going to do that, though I'm in none of those categories. I think maybe I'm just mad.

I think I should go to bed now. I don't feel quite so sane.

19 June 2009

Four-Color World returns!

So it's eleven at night and I've got the house to myself, which is to say that my brother is in bed and my parents are out for the night. And I'm doing what seems reasonable with this comparative freedom. I'm sitting on the couch, watching the Sasuke marathon on G4 and reading The Traitor's Manual, a Paranoia supplement I picked up in the rush to get all the Mongoose books I wanted from DriveThruRPG before the new edition of Paranoia drops. On the table in front of me is the Scion Companion, which I just bought today, and a copy of Endless Things, the last book in John Crowley's Aegypt cycle, signed to me. Behind me is the immense cage I bought and erected today for my pet degus (Doom Engine and The Month of July). I've named it "The Edifice."

And it hits me. I'm a huge nerd. This blog is meant to be about hugely nerdy things.

Why haven't I been keeping this thing up?

I suppose it's because I'm lazy. And also once it stopped being homework I had other homework to do.

But, luckily for you, my viewing several, I just graduated a few weeks ago, so I don't have any more homework to hold my attention. Hopefully I'll have a job soon to take up some of my time, but I think I should get back to this too. It seems like a good idea.

So then, ladies and gentlemen. I apologize for the massive lacuna. (Is that I contradiction in terms?) But now, I promise, Four-Color World returns, unrequired, unassigned, and with no goddamn tags unless I want them. ^_^