26 January 2008


Evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Miss Becca, and this here is my glorious font of bloggification. More specifically, this is the reader's blog I will be keeping for the graphic novel course I'm currently enrolled in. Whether or not it continues as a blog once we hit the end of the semester remains to be seen, but I'm optimistic.

Like I said, I'm Miss Becca, and yes, that is a picture of Zatanna I'm using on my profile. Specifically Zatanna from Batman: The Animated Series. I've got a really sexy painting of her saved on my computer, but I decided I like the animated version better for presenting a face to the world. I'm highly excitable and frequently very nervous, and I've been known on occasion to communicate in a series of abrupt squeaking noises, normally when I'm either excited or nervous.

In comics I tend to follow authors more than characters. My favorite comics authors are Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Joss Whedon, and Frank Miller. Well, my favorite comic book authors. I also read a lot of webcomics, some of my favorites being Achewood, Scary-Go-Round, Otter Soldiers, and Starslip Crisis. I enjoy knitting and crochet, have designed an illusion-knitting scarf using the Green Lantern symbol, and hope to someday work up a pattern for a little stuffed Hobbes doll I can give to my cousin. And I love Krazy Kat and Pogo.

Miss Becca also occasionally refers to herself in the third person.

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